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16 November



Founded on a belief in the power of ideas

World Idea Day supports people who want to do good in the world by bringing awesome ideas to life.


Founded on the belief that people bring good ideas to life through curiosity, collaboration, connection and courage, World Idea Day provides the space, the energy and the tools for people to engage, learn and grow good ideas into successful startups and projects.

We support people with good ideas, people wanting to invest in good ideas and people who want to spread good ideas around the world.

Each year on November 16, World Idea Day celebrates the power of ideas and the people who have had the courage to bring them to life. While we celebrate on one day we work all year round to connect, inspire and grow good ideas.

A judgement free zone

About Us

Founded by Craig Barnard, World Idea Day is inspired by his vision to facilitate innovation and change. Knowing the start-up space has its own unique challenges, and seeing so many people with exciting ideas and businesses continue to struggle to launch—even with secured investment—Barnard wanted to create a global initiative for passionate, creative people to find success with their ideas in the marketplace.


This is why World Idea Day was designed as a judgement-free zone. A place where like-minded innovators can meet, and a place where ideas can flourish. In addition to providing a creative, diverse, energetic space for innovators to connect and collaborate,


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